For Sale - Ph 07 33901132 or 0403945109

          We have available two nine week old short coat male puppies bred from Semen imported from a top German 2017 VA5 Male
          as follows :      
          Sire : Watson vom Thermodos AD,BH IP03
          Dam : Vonehrlich Panya AZ BSC1 (AI)
          These puppies have oustanding characters and are black and gold colours.

          Please ring HELEN on 07 33901132 for further information.






The German Shepherd Dog, stamped with the look of Quality and Nobility. Bold, Cheerful, Obedient, Steady, Loyal, and Easily Trained.

Tolerant of other animals, yet this breed has a distinct personality, marked by direct, fearless, but not hostile expression. Generally poised, unexcitable, and well controlled.

A certain aloofness that does not lend itself to immediate and indiscriminate friendships, but once a friendship is given, it is for life. Approachable, quietly standing their ground, willing to meet overtures, without making them.

Due to their intelligence and outstanding character, when the circumstances or occasion demands, they are eager and willing to serve in the capacity of Companion, Obedience competitor, Show dog, Watchdog, Military Dog, Police Dog, Schutzhund,  Leader of the blind, Herding Dog, or Guardian.

The extraordinary ability of the German Shepherd Dog, beauty, and easy trainability makes for a very impressive dog.