Vonehrlich Pascha 'A'Z' BSC.1

Aust Champ Vonehrlich Pascha - Bronze Medal National Winner.

Sire  - Aust Champ Dual Sieger Prima Zorba

Dam - Vonehrlich Gina



Pedigree of: Aus Ch. Vonehrlich Pascha

Sex F Reg No. Q1193679
Date of Birth 9/3/1991 Breed German Shepherd
Owner YOUNG L & H. Breeder Young L & H.
Colour & Markings   Call Name  

Duel Sieger /Aus Ch/ Gold Medal Prima Zorba

Large, strong, substantial, very masculine and expressive dog who should be a little longer in the foreleg. Strong bones and firm joints, he shows a good fore and underchest development. High withers, firm back, slightly flat, slightly short croup. Exemparlary fore and hindquater angulation with broad thighs. Stands correct in front steps correct front and rear. During movement shows a very powerful drive with the desired reach transmitted through a firm back. Temperament is firm lively and self assured..

Aust Ch Erntemond Gold Lancer Rintilloch Rogue Zambo v Koenigsbruch Sch H1 Reza v Haus Beck Sch H111
Biene v Entlebruch Sch H11
Masuta Petite Etoile Of Rintilloch Axel vd Hainsterbach Sch H111
Henni Allemania
Dalta Vom Erntemond Dunmonaidh Junker Elan v Michelstadter Rathaus
Dunmonaidh Branda
Bena v Erntemond Volkerson Blacky
Valdisahn Fanda
Prima Tiffany Alf vd Mark Brandenburg Axel vd Hainsterbach Sch H111 Italian Sieger Lasso di val Sole Sch H111
Paet Blue-Iris Sch H1
Grit vd Frohlichen Morgensonne Argus v Aducht Sch H111
Ina v Streithahn SchH3
Prima Nymph Zambo v Koenigsbruch Sch H1 Reza v Haus Beck Sch H111
Biene v Entlebruch Sch H11
Winni vd Schonau Gero vd Spargelhalle SchH3 FH
Mona v Scharpfenholz

Vonehrlich Gina

Medium size, medium strong bitch, of very good type and proportions. Very good head and expression, good withers, firm back and well laid croup. Good forequarter where the upper arm could be slightly better laid. Very good hindquarter angulation, hocks and elbows could be just a little firmer. During movement displays powerful ground covering gait.

Vasall v Kirschental Sieger Uran v Wildsteiger Land Sch H111 FH Irk v Arminius Sch H111 FH IP3 Pirol v Arminius Sch H111
Dunja v Weilachtal Sch H111 FH
Palme v Wildsteiger Land Sch H11 Nick vd Wienerau Sch H111
Fina v Badsee Sch H111 FH
Xitta v Kirschental Sch H111 HGH IP3 FH Italian Sieger Lasso di val Sole Sch H111 Quanto vd Wienerau Sch H11
Sara v Sonnenberg
Nimi v Kirschental HGH Asslan v Klaemmle SchH3
Isa v Kirschental HGH
Vonehrlich Yoga Fairycross Royal Salute Delridge Erhard Vegrin Erhard
Delridge Camilla
Fairycross High Society Rossfort Siaradus
Tamara Of Fairycross
Vonehrlich Lydia Elan Dell Alta Quercia  
Fochwulfe Fanny Hill Santalina Chante
Potsdam Claranita