Vonehrlich Sonia 'A'Z' BSC.1

Vonehrlich Sonia - 2009 National Bronze Medal Bitch Winner
                                     'A''Z' BSC 1.

Sire: *Quartz vom Danischen Hof (Imp. Gmy) aZ

Dam: Vonehrlich Halle

Vonehrlich Sonia's achievements in the show ring speak for themselves. Sonia's list of achievements join the many other listed Vonehrlich home bred dog and imports achievements over the many years we have dedicated to the breed in Australia and have proven their breed worth within the breed, as some have also made an integral improvement in the breeding programs of others.

Pedigree of: Vonehrlich Sonia 'A'Z' BSC.1








Young L & H. Young


Breed Survey date: 18.10.08

Vonehrlich Sonia

A large, well proportioned , well coloured and well balanced bitch. Very good head and expression and good eye colour and very good coat. Good strength and reach of neck. Good withers with a slight rise over the back, good lay and length of croup. Very good fore and hindquarter angulation. Very good fore and underchest development. I would like to see her a little firmer in pasterns, good hock firmness. She shows in movement very good drive and forehand reach transmitted through a very good tight backline. Temperament is firm, outgoing and self assured.

Particular Virtues and Faults

A well proportioned, well balanced bitch

Surveyor: L Donald


 (imp ger)


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